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Racing Raindrops

by Thank You Baudelaire

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shapes without form run through the storm tumbling down gestures without motion caught in the commotion fidget and frown shades without color pulled by a hauler in the deep to drown brief moments of eternity terminate the torment (end end it end end it end) jagged fear in the atmosphere (jagged fear , atmosphere) bring torrents of laughter (give give me give give me give) avoid surfeit, jaded defeat (too much, too much) can’t it be simpler (easy simple easy simple easy) strike with a bang, not a whimper (bang bang bang bang bang bang) smells without odor there is no ardor still tumbling down touch without contact has greater impact still fidget and frown words lack pronunciation in the anticipation I will drown brief moments of eternity come and end it give me the answer if you must go on pretend just tell me why there are never blue skies to brighten up my day why cant i be on cloud 9 and in the fog i must stay thunder and lightning are the warning after they appear, the sky will be clear
Sublime 05:50
wanted to escape the grievance that is when i saw the entrance in wonderland like alice praying that you intend no malice and it felt so sublime an utopian paradigm it can be found it's lurking around everywhere at once nowhere at all all at the same time feeling mad as the hatter all around i was splattered becoming ambivalent but still sure that i must withstand cause even though it feels like paradise is it wise, give me advice, is it sacrifice in eden the lost maiden in never never neverland all of this was planned so are my allusions clearing it up or creating confusion i don't ever wanna escape i don't ever wanna leave i don't ever wanna flee so am i so naive it is so mysterious it is so eclectic even if it turns to be ferocious in my mind it will stay idyllic everywhere at once nowhere at all all at the same time you got me enthralled
We’re about to do something unusual Enjoy yourselves and GET FUNKY It gets you in the groove You start to move Don’t you disapprove just GET FUNKY I’m giving you the cues to bring your dancing shoes And get loose and GET FUNKY It’s just a little change Why do you find it so strange So what Don’t be stuck in a rut CHORUS I already told you what will happen It's something you thought you'd never hear Don't you forget pay more attention cause to rules I don't adhere and under no circumstance don't mix it with compromise and be the one who our drive decries There is never just one side Hidden things emerge They shouldn’t be denied Some you win and some you purge Shhh It’s a secret It’s forbidden But we do it anyway Cause it feels so good CHORUS
Just an ordinary Sunday Got nothing on my mind Just staring out my window It is pouring outside The raindrops are racing I bet on the left one to win And your empty promises Filled me from within Be an optimist Look on the bright side Put your pink glasses on And swallow your pride Is the glass half full Is it half empty Should I just brake it Cause ignorance is safety CHORUS Oooh all of his shirts were my best dresses And now I’m left with nothing else to wear My heart is like a circus At the stilts and freaks and clowns All you stare And I try to perfect my stunt acts And release into the wild the caged despair But it’s so hard cause everybody'’s looking at me Oooohh Did you cry When you were brought Into this world Were you right? (to do so) Be an optimist Look on the bright side Put your pink glasses on And swallow your pride Ubiquitous shadow Hides the slingshot But it misses and turns around And hits me like a boomerang


The “Racing Raindrops” is an EP made out of four songs, recorded and produced in Belgrade and mastered in Prague. It's released by the Kišobran (kisobran.org) music label, a fresh indie label from Belgrade, Serbia.
This is a digital release with a number of unique covers. These covers are made by members of the Kišobran photographers’ community and come with an origami manual. Go check them out at tyb.kisobran.org/covers.html


released June 27, 2012

All music by Thank You Baudelaire
Special guest: Luka Ignjatović - sax on track 4
Special thanks to Danilo Nikodinovski for guidance and support
Produced and mixed by Predrag Adamović
Mastered by Mishan Pajdiak & Andrej Sinkević at Little m Records, Prague
Artwork by Mirko Trbusić & Boško Trbusić
Photo by Kišobran Photo Community


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Thank You Baudelaire Београд, Serbia

Thank You Baudelaire is an indie-rock-dance band completed in spring 2011. Since then, they’ve
been choosing the right ingredients for new songs, music videos and their own chocolate flavor. Angry, powerful bass combined with a subtle female voice is the outline of their sound. ... more

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